About Us


Our dogs help clients ensure not just the integrity of their property but also their personal safety. Our dogs are loyal companions with judgement yet a protective instinct. Equally comfortable in the home, around children and in the office, as they are on the open street or in a restaurant. Select K9s can further be trained for explosive/scent detection and can thus further help ensure safe public gatherings and environments. We offer a range of scent detection training options upon request, including tracking & Search and Rescue (SAR), the aforementioned explosive detection, as well as upon request, COVID-19.

Our dogs are trained at our facilities in Victor Idaho, USA; Berlin, Germany; and Kita-Karuizawa, Japan, for schutzen/protection work, SAR (search and rescue), explosive detection, as well as COVID-19/Medical Detection upon request. All working dogs are accustomed to working in both lab and open public environments, such as train stations or stadiums, etc.

Importantly, we will never sell you or provide you with a “kennel damaged dog”. Unfortunately many good protection dogs are simply trained to “pass the tests” and spend the rest of their lives in kennel confined environments. This has a negative impact on their psychology, and can make it a long term or difficult project to integrate some of them into loving families upon a sale. At Alpine Kennels we will never take on more dogs than we can care for and give the love and attention they need, all our animals get to board and interact in a family like environment. We believe this provides for a more mentally balanced and healthy dog, that displays better judgement, as well as makes it all that much easier to integrate into a new owners loving family. We realize this reduces our turnover and will slightly drive up the ultimate cost for us, but we believe it is worth it. 


Location & Team

Our training facilities are located in Victor, Idaho; Berlin, Germany and Kita-Karuizawa, Japan. All strategically located within easy reach of major metropolitan areas. We will travel to any customers location upon request by road or air, as required.

Our Principal Team Members Are:

– Mika M. (Founder) and Mina K. and Izuru S.  –  in Japan

– Neil M. and Sophia H.  –  in the USA

– Marcus K. and Lars H.  –  in Germany