Schutzhund/IGP/IPO Training

Training – Discipline

Discipline and adherence to commands is essential in any working dog, including Schutzhund. We work in a firm, but non abusive way, to get as close to perfect adherence to commands as is possible. While dogs are independent beings (no dog will ever be 100% perfect/compliant all the time) we work hard to instill self-confidence and an awareness of “one-self” in our dogs, along with confidence in their skills and loyalty to owner/family and of course total dedication to their protection.

Training – Bite Work

Bite work is an essential part of protection. All our dogs are IGP/IPO 3 with continuing training and regular refreshers. We further put all our dogs into realistic ‘“real life” situations where they are confronted with aggressors and real risk of physical harm to themselves or owner. In other words, we take the training to the next level and make sure the dog is not only capable of protection work in a staged setting, but also in the real world, be that at home or at the office, or out on the town. The dog needs to be permitted to further develop its own judgement as to how and when to show aggression or bite in a threatening situation. We do not train or sell robots; we sell functioning members of your family or protective team.

Training – Firearms & Gun Fire

Being acclimatized to gunfire and remaining calm is essential. Both for the owner/handler as well as the canine. All our dogs receive extensive gun acclimatization – far beyond IGP/IPO 3 levels, and further are exposed to gunfire while doing bite-work. We guarantee all of our dogs will remain perfectly controllable and responsive under the most stressful situations and will be delivered to their owners acclimatized and able to manage or handle any stress associated with most any horrific situation that might be encountered.*

*Note: Dogs will require regular refreshers and in extreme situations or if suffering injury performance might be impeded and no amount of training will compensate for the stress induced.